Debating the Effectiveness of Reiki

by admin on September 15, 2015

There is much debate over the effectiveness or lack thereof of the healing process called Reiki. It is the purpose of this article to show that Reiki is effective provided the person seeking treatment has realistic expectations about what to expect.
Debating the Effectiveness of Reiki

Much good information can come from Reiki masters who have those same reasonable outlooks on the procedure’s effectiveness. These are the ones who consider it a complimentary form of alternate healing. They focus on the self-realization such meditations can provide the willing mind. As an increasingly mainstream method of dealing with stress-inducing illnesses such as pain management, hypertension, or anxiety disorder, they feel Reiki has much to offer the medical profession.

A great deal of the negative feelings about Reiki tend to come from the arrogant practitioners who feel they are the possessors of some type of “supernatural” power of which they justify charging outlandish prices just to be seen by them. These are the types who promote Reiki as a cure-all for almost any type of disease or condition. Often, when their sessions provide no results they blame the patient for not being “open” to the effect.

While there are few studies testing the effectiveness of Reiki, those that try to give it an unbiased assessment have shown it to have some noticeable health benefits. The areas of greatest effectiveness do tend to center around depression and anxiety related problems.
This is understandable since genuine practitioners of Reiki stress the union of body/spirit energies while performing the very relaxing treatment methods that are a hallmark of Reiki.

In one study reported by the Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a six week study where one group was provided genuine Reiki treatment and another group was given a placebo treatment, the positive changes in the Reiki group were still being witnessed as long as a year later. The placebo group, after the initial study parameters were completed, were given real Reiki treatments and also showed positive stress relief results from the second round of treatments. Yet another study showed greater incidence of pain reduction after dental surgery.

That Reiki enforces a system of calm on the patient and encourages a more spiritual and less technological communication between the patient and the healer, it is easy to see why Reiki is so effective on problems that are derived from or acerbated by mental distress. This release of tension can cause any number of physical changes to the patient.

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