Easing Emotional Upheaval With Reiki

by admin on September 2, 2015

Emotional distress, especially heartbreak, is not an easy feeling to recover from. The pain and emptiness can sometimes take years or decades to fade enough for a person to pick up their life and move on. There is an alternate to modern medicine and drugs to help speed the recovery of a broken heart so the person can face life with renewed energy. This process is Reiki. First brought forth in Japan in the early 20th Century, Reiki’s founder, Dr, Mikao Usui brought his discovery to the United States in the 1950’s.

Easing Emotional Upheaval With Reiki

Reiki is described as a gentle, non-invasive way of removing energy blocks along bioelectrical routes so that the body can more easily heal itself. By raising the vibration level of the body’s energy field, Reiki practices infuse that field with a positive energy flow.

This changes the thoughts and feelings of the patient so as to eliminate negative thoughts attached to the damaged body or soul. Reiki is designed so as to work in tandem with both body and spirit which is why it works so well in treating the spiritual distress of a breakup or love loss.

The physical process of Reiki is for the practitioner to pass his hands over the patient in order to allow the energy from their palms to flow into the patient. As this energy passes into the patient it absorbs and eliminates the blockages that prevent the body’s normal energy flow from passing harmoniously through the body. As this flow equalizes, it also soothes the spirit and allows the natural healing process to increase healing of the emotional trauma.

During such emotional cleansing, a Reiki practitioner will be especially focused on the Heart Chakra. As the negative energy is loosened, the patient will usually find themselves becoming much more likely to be kind and loving to those around them and can increase the speed of the emotional healing.
Reiki is considered an holistic modality which is very simple but of enormous benefit for those who are dealing with emotional trauma. For anyone feeling that Reiki may be able to help them, find a practitioner through either the Yellow Pages or by an Internet search.

Research the various offerings as there can be a wide range of differenced between not only cost, but the actual procedures as well. Find which practitioner makes you feel the most comfortable as this too can help with the final outcome of the healing.

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