Just How Does Reiki Work?

by admin on September 2, 2015

Many folks believe that Reiki, the Japanese word for the life-force that permeates the Universe and all things that live and dwell in the Universe, can help heal the body as well as rid the body of the flow of the negative energies, or thoughts, that are causing the health issues.

Reiki is a system that uses touch and the interaction of aura energies to effect various types of healing on the body and seems to have a growing following that many people swear by. While there are few scientific tests to measure the effectiveness of Reiki, many people will attest to that effectiveness and find it a much preferred alternative to the more main-stream medical treatments. It is also much more affordable.
Just How Does Reiki Work

The practitioners use either an hands-off method, which is to say they work just above the body in the aura/energy field that all living beings generate, or they work hands-on, doing actual physical contact with the body. However, they never touch in the more ‘personal’ areas. Often the Reiki practitioner will do a combination of both hands-on/hands-off depending on the specific illness or issues the patient might have.

For many, this sounds like the “faith healing” espoused by many of the more primitive religious groups and in some ways they are similar. The main difference is that while the religious groups believe the healing comes from some “god”, Reiki has no such dogma attached to it. It is based on certain laws of physics, for example, that every living thing generates an energy field including the planet and the Universe in which we are but a small part.

All these energy fields interact in either a positive or negative manner. For example, everyone has been around another person who just seems to generate a field of negativity and can bring down the mood of everyone around them. Another person who is always happy and cheerful will have just the opposite effect and will make a place seem brighter and bring a more pleasant mood to a gathering. Having a cat or dog as a companion has been shown to lift the spirits and help people heal from major surgeries, illness and even depression much more quickly. Reiki works on the same principles.

While Reiki is not a substitute for obtaining an exact medical diagnosis, it can, possibly, help with healing the illness should you decide to seek Reiki as an form of alternative medicine.

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