Kundalini Reiki: The Simplest Form of Energy Healing

by admin on June 12, 2015

If the rest of the Reiki concepts require complex understanding of symbols, hand positions, and energy, Kundalini Reiki is very different. Under this discipline, there’s no need to learn and memorize symbols or understand the systems behind hand positions. It is a very simple process that merely requires meditation and visualization to release the healing energy inside you.

Kundalini Reiki: How It Began

Kundalini Reiki was started by Mr. Ole Gabrielsen. He was a meditation master who was aspiring to touch and motivate all people around the world. After hours and hours of prayer, meditation, and communion, Kundalini Reiki was born. Ole Gabrielsen is a native of Denmark. Along with Master Kuthumi, they unleashed the ways to connect to the energy that leads to wisdom, understanding, and love.

Generally speaking, Kundalini Reiki is a process of seeking and activating the energy that unlocks love and peace via the Universal Life Energy.

Kundalini Reiki: How It Works

The concept of Kundalini Reiki is fairly simple. Kundalini is referred to as the dormant energy that lies in every person. Kundalini is a character from the Hindu mythology. She is a coiled serpent goddess, who is laying asleep around the primary chakra.

Reiki Kundalini Symbol

When the Kundalini energy awakens, it moves in a serpent-like fashion as it rises from the bottom of the body up to the head, right where the crown chakra is. As the energy moves upward, it releases all blockages and frees all other energies that are dormant in the body. All of this may happen in a very intense manner, which can even be painful at times.

After a successful attempt, the practitioner will be taken into a mental state that can only be described as peaceful, relaxing, and calm.

The whole concept of Kundalini Reiki revolves around the unleashing of that dormant strong energy in order to heal one’s self. The same energy can also be channeled to another person through rigid reiki training and reiki attunement. There are many ways to release that supreme energy inside of you. The use of meditation techniques, fasting, and yoga can set it free. However, it is also possible to liberate the same energy with too much stress, psychedelic drugs, trauma, or a near-death experience.

Kundalini Reiki Benefits

The Kundalini energy, on its own, is a powerful healing force. Quite abruptly, it can release your body’s bonds with an illnesses both physically and mentally. More so, it can purify the body, and is especially helpful with addiction problems. It can also drastically reduce stress. With its ability to transform your spirit, you can be an entirely new individual in just one healing session.

Like most Reiki disciplines, Kundalini Reiki also has three levels of attunement. They are equivalent to the traditional Usui Reiki training levels. Each level will make you better at your Kundalini practices. Eventually, you will be led into a deeper understanding of this fairly simple but equally strong Reiki discipline. It won’t take you years to learn how to properly meditate and heal. Through Kundalini Reiki, you can become a Reiki master in your own right, in your own way.

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