Possible Harms From Reiki Treatment?

by admin on August 25, 2015

As with many processes that work on the mental or spiritual level, there are those who fear what they do not understand. They question the safety of the Reiki process and worry that there may be some unseen harm in it either to their bodies or their souls. By the harmonizing effect Reiki has, it is highly unlikely that any harm can come from the process itself, there are gray areas concerning the practitioners themselves. There is a possibility that lack of diligence or attention to detail could inadvertently be a source of harm.
Possible Harms From Reiki Treatment

There are some diseases and conditions that lend themselves to accidental problems due to Reiki treatment. Diabetes, especially Type 1 diabetes, is one of these. Even if the Reiki treatment is given for a completely different reason than treating diabetes, there can be a danger from how Reiki works on all the body.

Since Reiki is designed to affect the whole body, even a treatment for some other malady can potential cause the pancreas to slowly improve its function of producing insulin. If the patient is more used to taking insulin injections on a regular basis rather than as needed from bloodd sugar monitoring, they could accidentally give themselves an insulin overdose if the levels raise above the normal level.

Therefore, Reiki may not have directly caused the overdose, it is still, in part the fault of the treatment for working on the whole body. If the patient doesn’t monitor themselves closely all the time, the Reiki practitioner should not trust them to do so. There are horror stories among Reiki practitioners of just this problem so they tend to screen patients for diabetes and often refuse to service them because of this danger.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that needs to be screened for by the Reiki practitioner. Even if a schizophrenic person is treated, their medical doctor should be made aware of the Reiki treatments before they are given. The energies manipulated by Reiki have been shown to increase the risk of hallucinations during a session. These incidents tend to have a very disturbing and negative impact on the patient and can also create negative feedback in the practitioner as well.

Pacemakers do not react well to Reiki energy. The energy flow during a Reiki treatment has been shown to often speed up or slow down the rate of the pacemaker and can be very unpleasant for the patient. The change in regularity can become so intense that a visit to the emergency room is possible. While this is not a direct harm to the body, Reiki’s effect on electronics makes it a danger for the patient.

This same situation can develop if the patient is wearing hearing aids. The Reiki energy will conflict with the electronics and the hands passing too close to the devices can set up a feedback screech that is both painful and counterintuitive for a relaxing treatment. Hearing aids should be removed before treatment begins.

Pregnant women should not have a Reiki treatment during the first trimester of their pregnancy for the potential of creating complications in the fetus. Since it is usually a couple of months before a pregnancy is discovered, this means that women with an active potential for becoming pregnant should monitor themselves closely if they are getting routine Reiki treatments.

With the exception of schizophrenia, none of these problems are Reiki doing direct harm but rather setting up potentially harmful situations. Since the harmonizing energies used affect the practitioner as well as the patient it is highly unlikely, unless someone is maliciously trying to force their energy on you, that any real harm can come from a Reiki healing session.

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