Reasons For Having A Reiki Healing Session

by admin on August 10, 2015

While many Reiki practitioners call their sessions with a client “treatments,” that is more a medical term and so the phrase “Reiki Healing” is more often used to refer to the procedure. As Reiki is said to use natural energy for healing it is a more natural sounding term.
Reasons For Having A Reiki Healing Session

These Reiki healing sessions are considered to be a very quiet, peaceful break from the day-to-day confusions and noise of the outer word. Lying back while the practitioner passes their hands over the body, transferring Reiki’s universal energy, is considered a healing time for both body and spirit.

This use of this universal energy of harmony and love was developed by Mikao Usui. It was shown that as well as these universal forces, the practitioner also utilizes their own life-force to create the healing energy field. For this reason, anyone studying Reiki begins their first level learning how to self-heal.

Since Reiki uses universal energy for healing, it is not limited to just use by humans. Any life-form, especially mammals and birds, are also aided by Reiki. While not all Reiki practitioners have their offices set up for animal care, there are those who will make “house calls” to minister their healing abilities to the non-human members of your family.

Reiki energy is uniquely successful at traveling to wherever in the body or spirit the need is greatest. By filling each cell with a balancing harmony, it can sometimes be felt as a tingling or gentle heat penetrating the body. The energy, once introduced, can continue its healing for days. Reiki is an especially useful process after surgery. With the disconnect caused by anesthesia, Reiki can meld the spirit back into harmony with the body for faster post-surgery healing.

While Reiki healing is good for an injury or illness, it is even better at maintaining a harmonious lifestyle. Such peaceful and harmonious living tends to allow the body to resist the imbalances that allow illness in. Therefore, many proponents of Reiki will have monthly sessions just as a preventative measure against invasive negative influences.

However, how much Reiki helps the body and spirit heal itself, it is not all-inclusive. Reiki is designed to be a supplemental process that aids traditional medicine so that its results are quicker and more long-lasting. A Reiki practitioner will never steer you away from traditional medicine but will help you understand how the two forms work in harmony to create the healthy mind and body you deserve.

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