Reiki for Animals: How Can It Help?

by admin on June 12, 2015

Animals can be willing recipients of Reiki healing. Like humans, it is possible to channel your healing energy into your pet to relieve it of pain, discomfort, or illness.

Sad Dog

It is also possible to use Reiki in the simple instances of patting, stroking, and touching.

Reiki can definitely make your pet better. If your loving touch and affection means well to them, how much greater will a healing touch of Reiki be? Reiki will draw your pets closer to you. It will create an unbreakable bond between you both. Furthermore, the practice can be used on animals that are not meant to be touched – from small fish to wild boars.

How it Works

Reiki is best given to animals if they are feeling ill. The healing process of Reiki is effective on your four-legged friend as much as it is effective on anybody else. It can speed up your pet’s healing process, especially if the treatment therapy is coupled with the necessary medical intervention.

Reiki works on both young and old animals. The mode of reception is relatively the same. It can be applied on almost all types of situations and it will be effective on all of them.

Reiki can be used directly to your pet or be channeled over a distance. As such, you can choose to transmit energy on your pet with the mere touch of your hand. As for wild animals and fish, you can simply beam the energy towards them. Either way, they will benefit from the experience, since it will provide a healing effect.

Animals that have gone through trauma can be healed through Reiki as well. Animals that were victims of loss and abuse can be treated with the power of Reiki. If you have problems with your pets being depressed, skittish, or aggressive, Reiki can help. In fact, even if you don’t know what it is that’s causing this behavior in your pet, you can still use Reiki on them to make them feel better.

You can choose to learn Reiki for use on your pets or you can simply seek the help of a Reiki expert or practitioner. Just take your pet into their office to receive healing. If that’s not possible, you can invite the practitioner over your house to perform an exclusive healing session on your animal friend. Distance healing is also possible, if you will rather let the practitioner heal your pet through the phone or through other forms of communication, it can be done too.

Reiki is a very powerful option for treating animals. There are different techniques involved in this practice. With Reiki, it is possible to heal your pet from trauma that it may have suffered in the past. It can also protect your pet from suffering in the future.

The goodness of Reiki is that it doesn’t require touch right on. Not all pets are responsive to a stranger or to touching. With Reiki’s ability to heal at a distance, you won’t have to worry about your pet being aggressive throughout the healing session.

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