Reiki Healing: How does it Work?

by admin on June 12, 2015

Reiki is considered as a traditional art of healing. It is believed to have originated from the old Japanese concept established by Dr. Usui Mikao. However some researchers say that it came from Tibetan or Buddhist origins. Either way, the healing power of Reiki has been celebrated all over the world, including in the Western part of the globe where traditional medicines are not totally accepted.

Reiki Healing

The concept and meaning of healing had changed throughout time. Prior to the development of medical technologies, healing was defined by the process of removing bad chakras. Before, healing pertained to the elimination of blockages that kept energy from freely flowing inside the body.

During the dawn of medical science, healing became the process of eliminating the symptoms of a certain disease with the use of modern drugs. However, ancient medicine still goes by the definition of healing as the process of channeling energy, as well as achieving harmony inside and outside one’s physical body.

That is exactly what Reiki is all about. Reiki uses the power of energy channeled through the hands. The intention of Reiki is to let that energy to flow inside the body in order to remove all of a person’s physical, mental, and emotional concerns.

Reiki healing only requires two things – the hands and the energy to flow through them. To become a Reiki practitioner, one has to officially learn all the Reiki concepts and practices first. Important things such as the proper placement of the hands, the right meditation process, use of symbols to summon energy, and the proper way of inviting such energy to be channeled have to be mastered first.

Reiki healing transcends time and space. This means you can be healed regardless of where you are in relation to the healer. It is also possible to use Reiki to address issues in your past, which may cause some of the problems you are facing today. The concept of Reiki is a rather complex matter. This is exactly why proper reiki training is very crucial. Reiki training is referred to as the Reiki attunement process and it is required by all people who wish to become Reiki healers or practitioners.

The power of Reiki relies on visualization and meditation. The force behind the healing power of Reiki is the Universal Life Energy. Through this energy, it is possible to achieve total recovery from diseases, regardless of if the disease is in the mind, body or spirit. Reiki can heal a person’s physical deformities as well as mental illnesses and emotional conditions.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is often referred to as remote healing or a magical healing process. Much of this is because of the fact that Reiki requires no physical tools or devices in order to initiate healing. The only things that are needed to heal are an open mind, an embracing soul, and a person’s innate spiritual abilities.

Reiki can be used for self-healing as well. In fact, a lot of Reiki students attend training sessions primarily to relieve themselves of their own physical, emotional, and mental conditions. The concept of Reiki healing is very far from the contemporary healing guidelines. However, for everyone who has seen its positive effects, science need not explain how Reiki can effectively treat certain conditions when medications are ineffective.

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