Reiki Masters: Perfecting the Craft of Reiki

by admin on June 12, 2015

Reiki is the ancient art of healing and is composed of different proficiency levels. A Reiki student is the title given to people who are in the initial stages of learning the craft. Practitioners are those who have successfully acquired the necessary knowledge of Reiki, having completed the attunements required to heal themselves and others.

Reiki Masters

The highest level of Reiki is the Reiki Master. Individuals reaching this level are the ones who have a deep understanding of Reiki, have received the Master symbol, and are allowed to teach Reiki to students. They are also those who have the most profound perception of Reiki, including its concepts, applications, and effects.

What is a Reiki Master?

There are three levels of Reiki training and all of them are necessary in the path of a Reiki Master.

The first level is the student level. The second level is the practitioner level. On the third and last level of Reiki training, a Reiki practitioner is said to receive the Reiki Master Level attunement.

However, the training doesn’t end here. There are two more refinement preparations that a person has to go through, although they are still officially part of Level Three Reiki training.

How Can I become a Reiki Master?

To become a Reiki Master, passing through the Level III attunement training is the first step. The second step is to be shown the master symbol. Reiki has many symbols and concepts that need to be understood by everyone who wishes to be a student, a practitioner, a master, or a teacher. The master symbol is one of the highest marks that a person learning Reiki can receive. Once you receive it, you officially become a Reiki Master.

Reiki Master Symbol

However, being a Reiki Master doesn’t immediately mean that you can teach aspiring students. Reiki Masters have one final training to go through if they want to be called Teachers.

Reiki Teachers are Masters that have been taught the ability to pass attunements to Reiki beginners. As such, they can train students to become practitioners, practitioners to become masters, and masters to become fellow teachers like them.

If you want to become a Reiki Master, you should first evaluate yourself what path you would like to take. If you merely want the title for prestige or to give you a sense of achievement, the Reiki Level III training should be sufficient for you.

However, if you intend to become a true Reiki Master, you have to work towards being shown the Master Symbol. If you also want to teach others Reiki, you must extend your training up until you are qualified to pass on the attunements to younger students.

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