Reiki Presentation

by admin on November 5, 2016

Reiki Presentation
1. What is reiki ? Divine energy
2. Reiki is universal life force or cosmic energy or Divine energy
3. Reiki energy comes fromcosmos to us in thisway ,enters in our bodyand works
4. Energy comingfrom hand
5. Reiki in Hands
6. 4:07
7. Energy releasing from finger tips
8. What is the use of reiki ? Reiki releases all toxins ,cures all diseases and purifies the soul causing physical and spiritual upgradation.
9. How we get diseases ? We get diseased due toaccumulation of toxins in our physical and micro bodyHow we accumulate toxins
10. Thought pollutionair pollution food pollution water and noise pollution
11. Toxins Toxin s Toxin Toxin s s
12. Coming and making bonds of Karma on soul
13. THOUGHT PROCESS Good Bad thoughts thoughts
15. Negatives• Negatives creates physical,mental,psychological,emotional diseases.• Negatives creates financial,social,eventual hazards and problems.• Negatives causes for bad destiny,infailures,psychic attacks,losses,breaking in relations etc.
16. Detoxified body Toxified body Thought pollution air food Toxin pollution pollution s water and Media noise pollution pollution
17. Negatives are fertile ground for Physical diseases Mental imbalances Emotional imbalances
18. How we can get rid from thesediseases and all life problems?
19. Reiki energy dissolves thetoxins and purifies the body and soul and removes the root of diseases from microbody as well as from physical body
20. Reiki energy comes from cosmos ,enters in our body in this way andreleases all types of toxins and healsus in all prospect of lifephysically,mentally,emotionally,financially,socially etc. and turns intohealthy personality in all aspects.
21. Release of toxins through reikiReiki energy comes from cosmos to us inthis way ,enters in our body and works.
22. Karmic release
23. Coming and making bonds of Karma on soul Releasing of karma
24. Release of Karma as psychic impressions
25. Detoxification through reikiToxified body Detoxified body
26. Toxified body Detoxified body Healthy body , Joy, Peace, Health mind and soul Success, Satisfaction Full of energy, optimistic, having positive attitude , Wealth, prosperity full of strengths
27. Choice is yours. select or TYPE A TYPE B orMiserable life Happy and prosperous life
28. Aura AuraBefore during Aura AfterHealing Healing Healing
29. Reiki opens and balances these seven chakras
30. Rotating chakras withvibrating energy field
31. Aura of a healthyman
33. Aura of a healthy man after healing• Open and healing, stabilizing, very calm in his inner center
34. Aura of ahealthy man
35. Multipying of karma

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