Reiki Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

by admin on September 13, 2015

It has been postulated that Reiki is an excellent choice of treatment for those who suffer bipolar disorder. They say it is a way to ease the symptoms of the condition without the extreme side-effects created by the drugs traditional medicine uses to modify the bipolar person’s mental state.
Reiki Treatment for Bipolar Disorder
While the cause of bipolar disorder, often referred to as manic depression, is not fully known or understood, the symptoms of this illness are quite obvious and often severe. The bipolar individual is subject to massive and extreme mood swings.

They can go from utter despair and depression to joy and elation quickly and for no obvious reason. As well as the traumatic effects this has on the person suffering this disorder, those around that person, be they family, friends, or coworkers, are often caught up in the emotional conflicts caused by the mood swings. They are left confused as to how to react to or deal with such changeable situations.

It is not just the mental and emotional health of a sufferer that is at risk. Mood swings can create very real problems for the sufferer’s bodily health as well. The continued flood of chemical and hormonal imbalances can throw the body’s natural immune systems so far out of order as to cause severe illness. There is also the potential danger of self-inflicted hard when the person is in a down-swing mood.

It is exactly because Reiki is geared to target both body and spirit together that it is such an effective method of helping the sufferer to deal with their mood swings and get a firmer grip on a balanced way to deal with their disorder. Many people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder are adversely affected by the drugs doctors prescribe to artificially balance the brain’s chemical imbalances. Reiki is often recommended for these people as a milder and less invasive way to calm their emotions and allow the body to rebalance these levels in a calmer mental state.

People who have witnessed this treatment of bipolar disorder by a Reiki practitioner are often amazed at how quickly this spiritual healing tames the wild mood fluctuations and brings the patient back to a calm and less inharmonious level. Reiki has even shown itself to be better than psychotherapy for giving the patient a more positive outlet for their emotions.
Reiki’s benefits for bipolar disorder have shown better and longer lasting relief.

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