Using Reiki On Brain Injuries

by admin on September 12, 2015

Reiki, the use of the universal energy force to heal the body and spirit, was systematized by Dr, Mikao Usui of n in the 1950’s. Since then it has come to America and is finding increased usage in hospitals, clinics, and hospices. It is used as a complimentary treatment for such varied ailments as massage, parasympathetic work, and as a highly effective psychological therapy.
Using Reiki On Brain Injuries

This therapy works on all levels of the person, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It combines this external energy with the body’s own powers of self-healing. It is not a replacement for traditional medicine but rather an aid to increase the effectiveness of such medicines.

Only recently has Western medicine begun to understand the millennium-old system of Chakras as described by ancient Chinese and Indian scholars. These Chakras correspond to nerve bundles along the spine that each are controlled by endocrine glands that produce the sensations and physical state of the related energy center.

Reiki is designed to permit the mind and body to relax. As stress is relieved throughout the body, the natural healing processes are increased. Injuries affect mental processes and emotions. Damage to the brain tissue can cause these effects to be tremendous. As neural connections are destroyed, new associations must be made and this process often leads to difficulty in rational thought and a deepening sense of depression. Reiki helps sooth the mental processes and allows these new connections to be formed in less traumatic or chaotic ways.

With brain injuries, the victim often realizes just how fragile “personality” can be and just how easily all that we are can be unmade. This tends to lead one more easily to spiritual matters and it is through the spiritual aspects that Reiki, working on the 7th (or Head) Chakra can influence the healing process for the whole being. It does not push a “magic button” of instant healing but rather helps the injured mind to work slowly and more soothingly towards a more stable healing.

On a metaphysical level, since the head Chakra is the primary locus, it controls and influences all the lower chakras down the spine. It is the Chakra associated with th pineal gland and the hypothalamus. Since a brain injury is directly along this most important aspect of the spirit’s entire being, it is most critical that it be provided the most effective means of healing itself. Reiki provides the calming harmony needed for this task.

During the calming technique of a Reiki treatment, the mind is allowed to explore and discover how to regrow the damaged areas and how to express this growth through the spirit and the renewed and re-imagined direction one takes in their life. By calming the thoughts and spirit, Reiki prevents much of this critical mental renewal from being chaotic and diffracted. rather than letting this healing be a random chance, it guides the mind along more harmonious paths toward the reawakening of the consciousness that has been damaged by the injury.

While more hospitals are offering such parallel treatments along with the medical treatments for brain injuries, there are still those who don’t. If you feel the need to add Reiki to your traditional medical procedures, there are several ways to find good Reiki practitioners to aid your journey to health. The International Association of Reiki Professionals has an online presence that can aid you in finding a qualified practitioner near you.

Interview the potential Reiki specialist first. Since your mental state is so important to Reiki healing, be sure you are comfortable with your choice. Not everyone is compatible with everyone else so make sure you are able to feel safe with the person who helps you return your body and spirit to a new, healthy form.

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