Using Reiki To Treat Diabetes

by admin on September 18, 2015

It has been promoted that Reiki is good for treating diabetes. Some practitioners feel that while they assure us of Reiki’s ability to help with diabetes, it should only be used to treat Type 2 diabetes.

Using Reiki To Treat Diabetes

The lack of the pancreas producing insulin is the cause of Type 1 diabetes. While contemporary medicine has no cure for Type 1 diabetes, it does have a treatment. The patient must routinely monitor their blood sugar levels as they rise and fall and inject themselves with insulin to balance out the levels in their blood. If the blood sugar level rises too quickly or falls too rapidly, it can be very dangerous. The patient can become disoriented and as the imbalance increases it can lead to a diabetic coma and even death.

Professional practitioners of Reiki feel that there is a bit of danger of using Reiki to treat Type 1 diabetes. Despite monitoring of blood sugar levels, Reiki practitioners are afraid that it can work too well at getting the pancreas to produce insulin like it should. If the increase is not discovered quickly enough it may cause damage to the body. Practitioners feel the primary danger in treatment of Type 1 diabetes with Reiki is not because of Reiki but because the patient may not keep a close enough eye on their monitor to judge when or if an injection is needed.

Conversely, Type 2 diabetes has a different cause. Generally there is nothing wrong with the pancreas or its ability to produce insulin. The problem of Type 2 diabetes is that the cells of the body get resistant to the absorption of insulin so blood sugars cannot be properly processed. Type 2 diabetes can usually be controlled by a rigid dietary schedule. Blood sugar monitoring is not quite as critical although it still needs to be monitored so that unforeseen spikes caused by dietary improprieties can be handled. By balancing the energies of the body, Reiki considers itself splendid in its efforts to reset the body’s systems so that the rejuvenated cells are more able to function normally.

Reiki practitioners will seldom try to treat Type 1 diabetes because of the fear that a patient will begin to feel better and forget to keep their blood sugar monitored properly. Since diabetes is such a dangerous disease, few Reiki practitioners will risk their patients by interfering with their need to continue monitoring themselves for the need of an insulin injection.

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