What To Look For In A Reiki Massage Table

by admin on July 25, 2015

As a Reiki practitioner, there is at least one piece of office hardware you will need in order to perform your therapy treatments properly. This is a strong and decent massage table for your patient to lie on during the session. Since the average Reiki treatment takes around thirty to forty minutes, your work table can be critical in a successful outcome.
What To Look For In A Reiki Massage Table

While there is little difference between a traditional massage table and one used for Reiki, those little differences can be critical. One of the most important features to look for is the makeup of the ends of the table. Since traditional massage is performed standing, the table ends do not need a recessed place where you can place your knees while sitting. A massage table specially designed for Reiki will have open ends to make it more comfortable and natural for the Reiki practitioner to access their patient.

There is also the possibility that you will need a table that is portable. Massage parlors tend to have heavy tables in place in permanent designated areas. The Reiki practitioner may be traveling to their clients as so need a table that can withstand the weight of a human body but still be light enough to transport and carry into position. Many Reiki patients prefer their treatments to be given in the comfort and safety of their homes and the practitioner that provides this service can easily expand their customer base.

In choosing your Reiki massage table, you will have to balance between price and quality. A good portable table can run as little as $400 while a fixed location bamboo table can go as high as $1,000. If the table is too lightweight, it can quickly break down to the point it is no longer comfortable to you or your patients and a replacement would be needed. The small initial saving can quickly run into extra cost when this happens.

Other features that you will need to keep in mind when shopping for a Reiki massage table include a rugged but comfortable backrest and the face rest for when your patient is lying on their stomachs. You will also want to investigate breast recesses for your female clients so they can lay without having stress applied to certain body parts.
There are other accessories that can be added to your Reiki massage table but such customization is up to the individual practitioner.

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